Setup Dialup Internet Connection in Windows Vista

Getting to the New Connection Wizard
  • Click on Start ->Connect To.
  • Click the link below to Set up a connection or network.

Connect to a network

  • Click Set up a dial-up connection.
  • Click Next

Set up a dial-up connection

  • Dial-up phone number - Enter the local dialup phone number (without area code!) for where you live. For Greenwood, enter 538-0038. You can call us or email to find the right number for you. If you have call waiting and wish to deactivate this feature while you are on-line, click the link to the right "Dialing Rules" and type in *70 where it says "If you dial a number to access an outside line, what is it?"
  • Username: Type your Greenwood.Net username in small letters. Make sure to add to your username!
  • Password: Type in your password.
  • Connection name: Type in Greenwood.Net for your connection name.
  • Click Connect.

Completing the New Connection Wizard

  • Press the Close button to finish the setup.


  • To access the Internet go to the Windows Vista Start button.
  • Click Connect To.
  • Select Greenwood.Net.
  • Press Connect.

You have now set up Windows Vista to connect to Greenwood.Net. If you would like to set up to send and receive email click here to go to the email setup instructions.