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Welcome to the Greenwood.Net Curiosity Corner

Trivia Quiz

Nov 14, 2018

Curiosity Corner
Dr. Jerry D. Wilson,
Emeritus Professor of Physics
Lander University

You haven’t had a proper quiz for some time, so here it is! I’ve included a little something for everyone—some trivia, and a few questions for thought. Grade your own paper!

1. Our national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner, has how many verses?
2. How many different animal shapes are there in the Animal Cracker cookie zoo?
3. What are the requirements for being President of the United States?
4. In terms of clothing, what is a rabat?
5. How many dots are there on a pair of dice?
6. What first letters of sequential months spell a name?
7. What state capital has a name in which the first four letters are the same as the last four letters of its state’s name? (Admitted into the union in 1791.)
8. Which state flag has the emblem of a foreign nation on it?
9. Who is the only president that faces to the right on one of our coins?
10. How many teaspoons are in a cup? (Hint: there are 16 tablespoons in a cup.)
11. Which letter(s) of the English alphabet has/have more than one syllable.
12. The names of some cities in the U.S. have the same name as other U.S. states. Can you name two or three?

1. There are four verses, although most people only know one.
2. 18—a real zoo!
3. In order to be eligible for the presidency, a person must be at least 35 years old, either have been a natural born citizen of the United States or (if born overseas) born to at least one parent who is a citizen, and a resident for 14 years.
4. A sleeveless, backless, vest-like garment that extends to the waist, worn by some clergy beneath the clerical collar. Rabat is also the name of the capital of the northern African country of Morocco.)
5. 42 dots. Count them up.
6. The first letters of July through November—J.A.S.O.N.
7. Montpelier, Vermont. (I hope the date helped narrow it down to the eastern U.S. It is reported that Montpelier is the only state capital without a McDonalds.)
8. Hawaii. The flag of Great Britain is emblazoned in the upper-left corner to honor Hawaii’s friendship with the British. Hawaii was once an independent kingdom (1810-1893). The flag was designed at the request of King Kamehameha I.
9. Lincoln is the only president that faces right on our coins. Honest Abe faces the right, while other presidents face left. If you want a couple of other right faces, try Susan B. Anthony on the dollar (our only non-round coin), and going back to the Buffalo nickel, the Native American also faces right. Lincoln, however, is the only president to face right.
10. 48. Remember, there are three teaspoons in a tablespoon.
11. Only one: W. Three syllables if said slowly (double-yoo), or two if said fast (dub-ya).
12. There are several: California, KY; California, MD; Delaware, AK; Indiana, PA; Kansas, OK; Louisiana, MO; Michigan, ND; Nevada, MO; Oregon, WI; and Wyoming, OH. How many did you get?

C.P.S. (Curious Postscript): The secret of a good sermon is to have a good beginning and a good ending; and have the two as close together as possible. –George Burns

Curious about something? Send your questions to Dr. Jerry D. Wilson, College of Science and Mathematics, Lander University, Greenwood, SC 29649, or email jerry@curiosity-corner.net. Selected questions will appear in the Curiosity Corner. For Curiosity Corner background, go to www.curiosity-corner.net.

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