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Welcome to the Greenwood.Net Curiosity Corner

Pet Peeves

Dec 12, 2019

Curiosity Corner
Dr. Jerry D. Wilson,
Emeritus Professor of Physics
Lander University

Every now and then, I devote a column to my pet peeves. It’s a great way to get them off my chest so I can be a kinder, gentler person. Maybe you and I will find that we have some peeves in common.

Restaurant food portions: Let’s have half portions or senior citizens’ portions. Some restaurants already do this. I’d be willing to pay more than half price just to have a smaller portion. Regular sizes are too big for me. In some restaurants, I get enough French fries to last me three meals! I usually end up leaving food on my plate or taking home a doggie box that often gets thrown out. We hear that obesity is a national problem. Restaurants should unite to help solve this problem. Let’s serve portion sizes inversely to a customer’s weight. Nice idea, of course, but I don’t think it will fly.

Movie previews: Have you noticed these are getting more numerous and longer? I went to a movie recently and there were previews for eight films. Instead of PRE views, I think we should have POST views. And don’t get me started on the outrageous prices of drinks and popcorn.

Criminal justice: I’m not fond of the name. I would prefer to have victim justice.

Dedication road signs: You see signs like “The J. Claghorn Memorial Highway,” or “Col. Rufus T. Kornpone Memorial Bridge,” or “Martha Change Interchange.” I don’t know who most of the people on these signs are. Why don’t they add another line and give us a hint on the reason for the dedication?

Christmas carols: It seems like they’ve been playing these since the Fourth of July. And don’t forget Christmas gifts: the cost of toys has gotten out of hand.

But have no fear; I have a solution. Select your Christmas toys from this list:
• Chalk: for playing hopscotch.
• Button on a string: you know, you wind up the string and pull to make the button spin.
• Tiddlywinks: just take your “squidger” and pop a wink. (Don’t give to small children that might swallow the small pieces.)
• Jacks: I don’t think there is a swallowing problem here.
• String: for Cat’s Cradle.
• Marbles: for a good old game of Ringer. I had some great cat’s eyes and aggies when I was a kid. Knuckles down. Keepers.
• Ball: for Annie Annie Over. I always got “pig tails” on this one.
• Pen Knife: for playing mumbley-peg. You can’t take knives to school these days, though. We used to play mumbley-peg during recess. Those were the good old days!

I hope I’ve sparked some good memories for some of my older readers. You may have to explain some of them to the younger folks. And you can probably think of others that occupied time during your childhood.

C.P.S. (Curious Postscript): “Diaper spelled backwards is repaid. Think about it!” –Marshall Mcluhan.

Curious about something? Send your questions to Dr. Jerry D. Wilson, College of Science and Mathematics, Lander University, Greenwood, SC 29649, or email jerry@curiosity-corner.net. Selected questions will appear in the Curiosity Corner. For Curiosity Corner background, go to www.curiosity-corner.net.

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