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We're Greenwood.Net, Greenwood County's first ISP (Internet Service Provider), serving Greenwood, SC and the surrounding community since 1996. We give you the best local Internet service you can find, combined with the latest technologies, all at unbeatable rates.

Our specialty is making dialup Internet access, the way most of America gets online, as fast, friendly and easy to use as possible. Here are some of the advantages Greenwood.Net customers enjoy:

  • High Speed Dialup. Surf the web up to 5 times faster than our normal dialup with HyperSpeed Dialup , our latest dialup accelerator product.
  • Friendly Tech Support: Call or email your questions and get real answers from a knowledgeable staff that wants to help you solve your problems!
  • No Busy Signals: Get online whenever you need to.
  • Spam & Virus Filtering of Email: Our dynamic spam and virus filters are unparalleled. We block 99% of your unwanted junk mail so you don't waste hours deleting it.
  • Web Mail: Check your email from anywhere on our Web Mail page.
  • Pop-up Blocker: Sign up for our high speed dialup service and get a powerful pop-up blocker to stop those annoying ads.
  • National Dialup Numbers: We're local, but we've teamed up with a group of Internet providers around the country so you can access Greenwood.Net from almost anywhere when you go on vacation or business. Keep your email address @greenwood.net year round! Click for Details.


Email Us! Iinfo@nationwideinc.com
(888) 638-6373 PO Box 551149 Davie, FL 33355
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